Single employees of Anjie Technology participate "Meet Linhu ? predestined to be you" Youth Association
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Single employees of Anjie Technology participate
"Meet Linhu • predestined to be you" Youth Association

In order to enhance the communication, cohesion and centripetal force among young people in various industries, and further enrich the amateur cultural life, on October 27, Anjie Technology, Resort Chamber of Commerce and Resort Area Youth Working Committee held friendship activities-“Meet Linhu • Yuan Lai Shi Ni. " Single young men from Member of the resort Chamber of commerce actively participated.
At the event, the youth were divided into seven groups, starting with the "Ice Break Tour" event. The participants of the event introduced themselves and met each other. Afterwards, a second team showed themselves, then the third had the "beach landing" and "joint water collection" activities. Everyone untied and cooperated closely in each activity to give full play to collective wisdom. Intangibles promote communication and cognitive understanding between each other. The scene of the event was hilarious and everyone said that they were very happy to participate in such activities.
Although the event was short, it provided a platform for young men and women to communicate with each other. During the event, the WeChat group was also formed to provide a platform for online exchanges between male and female guests participating in the event. Young friends changed from formality to relaxation, from silence to activity, and from strangers to familiarity. Through this event, we have provided a stage for young people to display, enhanced opportunities for communication, expanded channels for making friends, and built bridges for young people's emotional communication.
Anjie Technology will continue to implement the people-oriented management concept, provide a platform for young employees to communicate and exchange, create a positive work atmosphere, so that young employees will serve the company with fuller enthusiasm and contribute to the development of the company.
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