Deputy director of the people's social bureau of Wuzhong district, Lihua Wang, visited Anjie technology
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On July 19th, 2017, Suzhou Wuzhong district human resources and social security bureau deputy director Wang Lihua visited Suzhou Anjie Technology Co., ltd. and HR manager, Xu Gang, accompanied for inspection.
During the investigation, deputy director Lihua Wang and other people asked the relevant people to inspect the special labor protection and payment of high temperature allowance for female employees. They highly praised the measures to pay high temperature allowance and obey the rules of rest and leave in accordance with the law.
Anjie always put the interests of the employees in the first place, and within the scope of the company's ability to maximize the benefit of the employees. In the meanwhile, the company thanks to the research and guidance of Wuzhong district leadership. Anjie will continue to grow up, make a greater contribution to Wuzhong district economic development.

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