Mayor of Wuzhong District, Rong Chen visited Suzhou Anjie Technology.
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On Sep. 4th, 2017, Rong Chen, mayor of Wuzhong district, and leadership of TaiHu Lake vacation area visited Anjie Technology, and the CEO, John Wang, received them.
John first accompanied Chen to visit the company's honor wall and exhibition hall, and made a detailed introduction to the company's products. In the following discussion, Chen has made a detailed understanding of the development of Anjie technology, and has made a friendly communication with the development vision of Anjie technology in next 10 years.
In the end, Chen said that the investigation purpose of the enterprise is mainly to understand the actual situation of enterprise development, affirms the competitiveness of Anjie, and said if Anjie encountered problems in the process of rapid development, Suzhou Wuzhong district and Vacation area will give strong support to provide services for Anjie, and hope Anjie can steadily walk on the way to the development of science and technology in the future, and continue to make contributions to Wuzhong district social and economic development.

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