Suzhou NPC deputies visited Anjie Technology Co. Ltd.
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On Sep. 22nd, 2017, Suzhou NPC deputies visited Anjie Technology Co. Ltd. CEO, John Wang, received NPC deputies, and tour them for the headquarter of Anjie and Fortune Optoelectronics. Then, they had a meeting at room 207.
At Fortune Optoelectronics, John introduced current operation situation and main products of Fortune, and then they had a line tour to watch the processing flow.
During the meeting in 207, John reviewed the history of Anjie, current customers and future developing plan. The director, Hongsheng Wang, affirmed the continuous innovation of Anjie technology, and praised the company for making more contributions to the society. At the end of the visit, director Wang brought out that company should face difficulties, improve technical level, and keep developing, then form company’s own advantages and features. He also hoped Anjie can insist on scientific development and creative road, and make contributes to the development of society.

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