Anjie Technology give out “3?8”women’s benefits
Time:2018-03-13 16:03 Author:admin      Click:
The International Working Women’s Day is coming, in order to show company’s care to female employees and increase their sense of belonging, Anjie give out the benefits which are sets of bottle to all female employees.
No matter working at office or production line, every position has female workers hard working. They work hard, and every improvement of company has their great efforts. Anjie hopes that all women workers can be more responsible, and they can be an example for others and make more contributes to company.
At the site of giving out benefits, every female employee receive the benefit wears a smile. This action increases the cohesion and centripetal force for the company, and they also expressed that they would not fail the concern and love of company. They would be more hard-working and take their full spirit to the work.

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