Anjie Technology 2018 The first newcomer training officially begins
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Anjie Technology 2018
The first newcomer training officially begins
In order to help newly recruited colleagues to become more familiar with the environment and meet the needs of the job as soon as possible, on May 15th, 2018, the first training section in 2018 of Anjie Technology was officially started, and 29 newly recruited colleagues participated in the training.
Chris Lin, Executive General Manager of Anjie Technology, and Xu Gang, Manager of Human Resources Department, attended the launching ceremony of the training. Chris Lin first expressed welcome to the newly-added new colleagues and hoped that the new employees would adapt to the company as soon as possible and encouraged everyone to think and summarize in the training process, and bring new knowledge, new technologies, and new products to our company in the future work process. The idea is to work independently as soon as possible to create value for the company. At the launch ceremony, the Human Resources Manager Xu emphasized the training discipline and process, and hoped that everyone could learn more about Anjie through training and truly integrate into company.
The induction training for new employees is led by the Human Resources Department, and jointed business department, R&D department, production department, material department, and financial department. The business department lectured "An Jie Product Application", the HR Department lecture "Remuneration and Benefits, Employee Codes and Corporate Culture", the Finance Department Lecture "Basic Financial Knowledge", and the R & D Department focused on the drawings requirements and basic knowledge of materials etc. The training content is rich, compact, full, varied, simple, profound, and closer to the actual work, which can help new employees to quickly integrate into the Anjie technology family. In the future work, the company will provide relevant resources and support, and the human resources department will also do its best to assist.
Through this training, it is hoped that the new colleagues will be able to play their role on the big stage of Anjie Technology with a warm attitude, a strong will, a low-key posture, and a harmonious team spirit.
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