Anjie Technology held the 2018 graduate entry training Cum Welcome to Graduates
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Anjie Technology held the 2018 graduate entry training
Cum Welcome to Graduates
On the morning of July 9th, Suzhou Anjie Technology Co., Ltd. held the 2018 graduate entry training and graduate welcome meeting.CEO John Wang, Executive GM Chris Lin, VP Edward Jia, and HR Manager Gang Xu attended this meeting.
CEO, John Wang, welcomes all new students who joined Anjie. They encourage everyone to continue to learn new skills and improve their ability at work. They also hope that everyone can have their own shining points on the platform of Anjie. Other leaders also had their speech to encourage those newly employees.
On the second day, the Ministry of Human Resources also held a unique ceremony. Each pair of teachers and apprentices read out the "Commitment to the Responsibility of the Master". The masters hope that their apprentices can adapt to the new work environment as soon as possible, shorten the period of bonding with the company, learn new skills fast, and contribute to the development of the company. Apprentices said that they are very happy to be a member of the Anjie family. In the future, they will study hard, be diligent in practice, and live up to the company's expectations.
New student's joining has injected fresh blood into Anjie and brought youthful vitality to Anjie Technology. I believe that through the careful guidance of these experienced masters, the students will continue to break through themselves and quickly grow into one of the elite ranks of Anjie, bring more wonderful things to themselves and the company.
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